Healthcare | Personal Protective Equipment| COVID Response: Our range of real-time inventory of healthcare personal protective equipment meets all stringent medical facility guidelines, including COVID-19 response. Products include: COVID-19 nasal test swab kits; Antigen and PCR COVID-19 test kits; 8 different brands of 4 MIL nitrile gloves; vinyl gloves; Coveralls; medical grade 3-ply masks; NIOSH N95 CDC certified/ registered masks and N99 respirators – V-folded, cupped, horizontal folded “duck bills” and with or without exhalation valves; Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 isolation gowns; Mobile sensor thermometers (no-touch/ detects temperatures without physical contact, results displayed in seconds, portable and lightweight); 70-80% ethanol gel/ foam/ liquid sanitizers (personal use sizes, 64 ounce canisters, Gallons, and full totes are available); Negative pressure systems; Iso Tents (Isolation Tents) that are negative pressure; and Indoor isolation systems. We also distribute a high-end, high quality line of Biohazard, water-proof, water spray tight masks and gowns, and Facility Decontamination and Disinfectant solutions from EarthSafe Chemical Alternatives (Evaclean) that is a one-step spray on solution that kills viruses and bacteria for 14 days. Our current PPE inventory consists of the following:

  • facility decontamination products (This is a lab-tested and hospital tested product that is going to be the only product of its kind to be approved by the EPA, FDA, and soon – the USDA)
  • disinfectants
  • sanitizers in liquid, gel and foam forms – ranging from 70% to 80% ethanol (of many different sizes/ volume units)
  • DuPont biohazard suits
  • Coverall protective suits with elastic banded ankles, wrists and with Hoodies
  • disposable gowns
  • Level 2, 3 and 4 isolation gowns
  • Covid-19 nasal swab evaluation kits
  • a wide assortment of NIOSH N95/ N99 CDC registered masks (respirators)
  • digital non-contact temp gauges/ thermometers
  • a wide assortment of ventilators
  • nitrile gloves – all sizes and in 4 MIL, 5 MIL and 6 MIL specs
  • custom fabricated sneeze guards/ protective screen shields
Federal Contractor of PPE
Apex OmniSource LLC – Federal Government Contractor of PPE

Renewable Alternative Energy & Lighting Solutions: Off-grid Structural Light Poles with Security Cameras and Built-in WiFi/ Solar Cells and LED Light Panels require no channeling or running of conduit (Lighting structures can be Solar powered, or solar + wind powered). We also offer Commercial Rooftop solar panels and LED Retrofitting of existing facilities’ lighting needs. Our off-grid lighting and energy solutions are renewable and sustainable technologies that enhance any built-environment, and drive significant efficiencies and cost savings!

Renewable alternative energy and lighting structural light poles
Renewable alternative energy and lighting structural light poles

Commercial Rooftop SolarCommercial rooftop solar

Bigbelly – Solar Powered Smart Waste & Recycling Stations: As Bigbelly is the world leader of smart waste and recycling solutions for public spaces, the cloud-connected, web-based platform delivers actionable insights into your waste operation. The trash compactor ensures a 5x increased capacity than normal trash bins, which reduces frequency of collection. Offered as a turn-key platform, each fleet is customizable (with side-panel messaging – mapping, water fountain location maps, etc.) and modular based on your capacity, waste stream (trash, single stream recycling, bottles and cans recycling, paper recycling, and compost/ organics), and accessory needs including Smart City applications and add-ons (Wi-fi hotspots, small cell and wireless equipment).

Our Bigbelly smart waste and recycling solution ensures the following:

  • increases waste capacity 
  • total secure waste containment that transforms and revitalizes environments
  • reduces total waste footprint
  • compacts existing trash by a factor of 5x
  • reduces collections 
  • increases operational efficiency 
  • drives cost savings 
  • secures and perfectly contains windblown litter and waste overflows
  • encloses for rodent-proof design and rat abatement
  • comes equipped with a security lockdown feature
  • reduction of carbon footprint and CO2 emissions with fewer truck rolls and fuel consumption
  • significant reductions in refuse truck traffic, noise and congestion
  • introduces public space recycling programs

High Capacity Trash Bins with solar powered compactor
High Capacity Trash Bins with solar powered compactor

GlassTek – Smart Glass and Smart Film for On-demand Privacy and Security and Sustainable Built Environment: Smart Glass and Smart Film transforms a clear, see-through glass window into opaque in mere seconds, through a bluetooth wireless handheld mobile app or wall switch. This provides real time privacy and security on-demand. The opaque panels can then block 98% of UV rays, which leads to a better building envelope and energy efficiency. The Smart Glass is intended for new builds, while the Smart Film can be applied to existing glass or laminated between 2 pieces of glass. Control options can include: any integration or smart home system; wireless remote control; wireless wall switches; and smart phone apps.

Smart Glass for Privacy On-demand
Smart Glass for Privacy On-demand
SmartGlass in Boardrooms
SmartGlass in Boardrooms

Aircraft and AirFrame Structural Components

Medical (Durable Medical Equipment):

Life Sciences (Shimadzu):


Apex OmniSource efficiently and accurately distributes many food items
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