At Apex OmniSource, we follow a proven engagement process that we call ROI 360. The relationship we establish with our agents, clients, and Contracting Officers follows this lifecycle to meet the immediate business need and long-term strategic goals that we execute as a Vendor, Supplier and Partner.

Our areas of expertise include the following Core Competencies:

– The design, development, implementation, execution and maintenance of Public Safety Software

– IT Managed Services and IT Staff Augmentation Solutions (IT Technical Staff Recruiting, Placement, and Management)

– CIO Support

– IT Operations and Maintenance

– Integration Services

– Cyber Security

– Enterprise Resource Planning

– Software Development (with focus on Healthcare, Education, Government and Public Safety)


As an IT Consultation Firm,  Apex OmniSource will:

• Provide full “mark to market” visibility into your existing IT budget and contracts and how they can be optimized using both current and new technologies, best practices and platforms

• Build a roadmap of potential initiatives to provide quick impact on IT budget, shore up infrastructure resiliency, and mitigate business risk with focus on empowering the business through modern IT practices

• Initiate re negotiations with current vendors and source new vendors if needed, utilizing current data center marketplace knowledge and experience

• Assist with internal organizational approach to get project approvals and move initiatives forward

Our experience and insight will build the right solution for you.

Step 1: Review

The first step is for us to review your current situation and future needs. This involves a detailed technical and business review that allows us to map your existing applications, services, contracts, providers, teams and related infrastructure to your primary business goals and drivers. This review will cover details of all mission critical IT and facilities. Services will include the following:

• Security

• Cloud

• Physical Hardware Assets

• Managed Hosting

• Disaster Recovery

• Data Center & Colocation

• Transit / Transport

• SDWAN & Network Optimization

Step 2: Optimize

Once the review is completed and we have developed a total cost of ownership model, we can provide detailed data-based recommendations that outline how to best optimize the environment and/or modernize it while supporting both the strategic business goals and operational initiatives. Depending on what is uncovered during the first stage, these recommendations will include the following:

• Vendor Selection

• Physical Migration

• Virtual Migration

• Contract Negotiation

• Location Migration

• RFP Management

• Equipment Financing

• IT Spend Analysis

Step 3: Implement

The final phase of our process comes only after we have reviewed our recommendations with you and we come to a clear understanding around how you would best like to proceed, given the data presented. This phase will include:

• Tactical Assignments & Responsibilities

• Outline for Ongoing Project Management

• Written Statement of Work

We have:

• 15+ consecutive years of experience in the data center marketplace.

• $166.5M total savings achieved – 37% average IT savings provided for our    clients post engagement.

• $450M+ TCV (Total Contract Value) negotiated.

Case Studies:

All Covered: Managed an initial assessment and complex national data center and network expansion across 3 regions with negotiated wholesale power pricing on a 5 year term with substantial contract flexibility.

Informatica: Stepped in after an internally managed RFP process had delivered what was thought to be “best and final” from a premier service provider. Our process produced per cabinet savings of over 50% beyond “best and final”.

Marin Software: Coached infrastructure team through a significant renewal and ongoing expansion contract with an incumbent service provider. Our strategic counsel provided over $250K/ year in contracted savings.

Code 42: Aggressive contract flexibility, pricing and terms negotiated for national and international wholesale data center and network deployments within Europe and Asia-Pacific.

For information regarding how our IT Consulting and IT Managed Services can benefit you, please contact us at